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Even with these neighbors, the Hilltop stood out. It had a 68-foot neon cactus sign , a herd of life-size fiberglass cattle grazing out front, and an ever-present line of customers waiting for one of the 1,400 seats in its six dining rooms, each named for an Old West outpost, from Dodge City to Santa Fe. Attached to the restaurant, in the rear, was the Butcher Shop. According to Orlean, it was the largest refrigerated store in the world. At the peak of the Hilltop’s popularity, it was not uncommon for patrons to eat a steak in the restaurant, bundle up for a visit to the butcher shop, and emerge into the 7-acre parking lot with a full stomach and an armload of sirloin for home.

actually, benji frank's dad fathered 17 children. 7 were from his first wife who died, and the next 10 were from benji's mom

Ben has welcomed dissenters to challenge his straightforward stances, so long as they do so with decency. Most of speeches include a question-answer session for the crowd. During these, he gives speaking priority to those who disagree with his viewpoints, even though objectors may find it difficult to counter Shapiro’s wit and evidence. Nevertheless, the conservative speaker lambasts those who do not contribute to discussion but protest, create havoc, and attempt to block his appearance.  While protests and police confrontations were taking place on Thursday, Ben comically scorned Antifa for their attempt to stop his speech, saying, “All of America is watching because you guys are so stupid. It’s horrifying, I am grateful, and you can all go to hell, you pathetic, lying, stupid jackasses.” Though his statement may seem rather ironic based on his views of decency, Shapiro demonstrates that efforts to undermine basic intellect as well as constitutional liberties granted to Americans are morally paramount to one’s feelings.

Ben Intellect - Dream LadyBen Intellect - Dream LadyBen Intellect - Dream LadyBen Intellect - Dream Lady